Test gramatyczno-leksykalny angielski

Test poziomujący BLS - Angielski

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Test gramatyczno-leksykalny

1. I ___________ from Poland.

2. This is my friend. __________ name is Kate.

3. ____________ 20 desks in the classroom.

4. ____________ a test now?

5. Sorry, I can’t talk. I __________ right now.

6. Are you Russian or Greek?

7. I ___________ every day.

8. Which  _____________, cats or dogs?

9. Mike  ___________ to the gym every Sunday.

10. Paul ____________ romantic comedies.

11. The car park is ___________ of the restaurant.

12. ____________ believe ________ fly?

13. Do they eat___________ for breakfast?

14. Who smokes ___________ cigarettes in your family?

15. There are ________________ French books on the table.

16. The living room is ___________________ than the bedroom.

17. Mark plays football ___________________ than anyone else I know.

18. She _________________ at work yesterday.

19. Did she drink coffee in the morning?

20. I _________________ the film we ____________ last night.

21. At what age did you begin to walk?

22. I ________________ keep a dog at home when I _____________ a child.

23. _____________ flown in a plane?

24. We’ve been friends ____________ many years.

25. He _____________ watched ____________good films on TV lately.

26. What happens to flowers if you don’t put them into water?

27. I _____________the cinema at the weekend if I ___________ time.

28. I _____________ around the world if I _____________ the lottery.

29. What _____________ this weekend?

30. There are black clouds in the sky. It _____________.

31. I’m tired today. I _____________ it tomorrow.

32. I _____________ dinner yesterday when my friend _____________ me.

33. I like coffee very much.

34. This town _______________ by lots of tourists during the summer.

35. The offices_____________ yesterday at 9 am so we ____________ in. We _____________ wait.

36. __________________ this great book for a couple of hours and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

37. How long __________________ here?

38. When I went to the cinema last time, the film

39. She ________________ for her cat for two days before she finally found it in the garage.

40. I ______________________ you would stop biting your fingernails. It's so disgusting!

41. You ___________________ touch this wiring! It’s dangerous!

42. I saw _____________ on a banana skin! It was hilarious.

43. I _____________ at the hairdresser’s yesterday.

44. Would you like some more tea? There’s _____________ left?

45. I don’t like people ___________ are late.

46. She said that she __________ hard, but she ___________ a lot of money.

47. What day will it be tomorrow? You asked me

48. You shouldn’t smoke.

49. We won’t catch the plane _________________ we leave home now! Please hurry up!

50. Take a warm coat _______________ it gets cold outside.

51. We _____________ for 10 years by the end of the year.

52. If you _____________ to the theatre yesterday, you__________________ the play.

53. When I was a little girl, I _______________ fishing with my father.

54. I’m ________________, that is, I expect high standards of my students.

55. I agree with you. There’s no use ___________________.

56. She is very beautiful, but that kind of woman doesn’t ___________________ to me.

57. If soldiers don’t _____________orders, they can be suspended for _____________of their duties.

58. They _____________ him of scratching the car.

59. Stop_____________ and tell me what you want.

60. In my opinion _____________ , that is, we can do anything to get the result we want, _____________ of the methods.

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